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Our professional wedding DJs and Discos are the perfect way to celebrate the biggest event of your lives RoyalGrooves has been covering Essex and providing exclusive wedding & disco services and light shows for over 10 years. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team with a professional dress code.

Royal Grooves - Let's Party

RoyalGrooves has entertained people for over a decade so no matter how old you are we have the right party disco for you. Our vast music knowledge combined with our experience and music catalogue ensures we can perfectly tailor the perfect entertainment for your birthday party.

Whether you are celebrating an engagement or a romantic mile-stone, our wide range of music and brilliant DJs can offer something for everyone.

We appreciate you want your music to be perfect. We are highly experienced in accommodating a wide range of ages from children through to grandparents (and everyboby in between).

We welcome music lists prior to your occasion or big day as well as requests and dedications from your guests at the event.

Music Selection

This is probably one of the most essential reasons for hiring an experienced DJ for your function. An inexperienced DJ might have a limited selection of music or play just chart/dance music all night long. RoyalGrooves carry a wide variety of music to suit everybody attending your event. We normally suggest playing a good party mix of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and more recent tunes to ensure all of your guests enjoy themselves as much as you do on your special day. We also welcome a music list must be prior to your event.

We only use good quality CDs to ensure a loud, clear sound, we have thousands of songs from the 50s though to todays chart music. We realize that the selection of music a DJ has is a very important fator, and we are fanatics about maintaining a comperhensive music library. You won't upset us if you bring along your own CDs with any special songs for the event.

Will you play song requests from our guests ?
Yes. but please understand that some songs will not be played if the presenter feels its incorrect for the type of environment and the type of event. For example we would not play a Heavy Metal song at your grandfathers 90th birthday, unless of course he's the person asking for it !

As your DJ we will use our years of experience to know what songs will work & at what time it would be most appropriate to play them. The DJ is partly governed by the dance floor, if the DJ feels other people wont like or would not perhaps continue to dance to the song you have choosen it will either be played at more appropriate time or not at all? We have to use our judgement to be able to play to the crowd as a whole & not just an individual guest.

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